Friday Favorites [3/16/12]

Friday Favorites over spring break is too easy. No, I am not on vacation in some warm, tropical environment…but it’s been so warm at home I’m not upset I didn’t shell out $500 to get somewhere with a beach. In fact, I’ve been having such a grand ‘ole time at home I had to narrow down this week’s favorites (yes these are the ramblings of a girl trying to convince herself she had more fun in CT this week than she could have in Florida with her two housemates).

1) March Madness!!

Aside from the absolutely tragic loss UCONN had last night (I don’t want to talk about it), the madness has been wonderful. My bracket is doing halfway decent with Mizzou’s loss today actually turning out to be a good thing since I think I’m one of the few who didn’t have them advancing past the sweet sixteen. Lots of excitement, punctuated by a heated competition between Joey and I (he’s winning, SO FAR).

2) Birthday Oreos

These. Are. Glorious. I spent several days looking for these beauties once I was home. As evident by my many baking posts, I had to make several runs to the grocery store. Every time I went, I searched for the elusive Birthday Oreos, which, I’d been told, tasted like funfetti cake. Then, at family dinner Wednesday night, cousin Ray informed me I could find them at Stew Leonard’s. Thursday night I made it to Stew Leonard’s with ten minutes to spare. I made a bee-line for the oreos and ate half a sleeve on the way home. Mission accomplished.


For the first time, I got to see both Ollie and Neil together! They’re so funny together. They were both very well-behaved during family dinner and we all got a kick out of watching them stare confusedly at each other on the living room floor while we all sat around them.

This blog post was written in record time so I could get back to the games…how are everyone’s brackets looking?


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