Soggy Eggs

So, yesterday’s eggs were not a total failure after all. As predicted, the family found it hilarious that all the messages inside my lovely eggs were rather soggy. We also succeeded in getting glitter all over the tablecloth, such that my aunt had to shake it out outside before we could put it away. Only Grandpa struggled with his soggy message and ended up tearing it to pieces in his attempt to unroll it.

On a brighter note, Michelle and I did manage to decorate a lovely easter cake that went over much better than my eggs.

I did the basket work, Michelle made the bunny. Watch out Peeta Mellark.

Hope everyone enjoyed their weekend…it’s back to school for me today. The team has two more practices until we leave for Nationals on Wednesday!! Who’s pumped? ME!!!


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One Response to Soggy Eggs

  1. The glitter eggs were just adorable … very creative and the note may have been soggy but it did not take away from how cute they were ~ Thanks for putting those together and making the holiday special for Bay and I. XO Auntie M.

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