Pottermore has come into my life at exactly the right time. I’m finished with dance team, I barely have any work left at the end of my college career, and I’ve been dying for a new game to get into.

First off, it was absolutely thrilling to find my name on the list beside all my magical peers. I positively flew through the first few chapters, dying to get my wand and be sorted. I devoured all the new material from J.K. Rowling and eagerly re-read information about my favorite characters.

Finally it was time to get my wand! Off to Olivander’s I went.

Unsurprisingly long, since I’m so tall, and hard because I’m definitely pretty stubborn. I was pleased to have a wand with Phoenix tail feather, which I read was the rarest core type.

Then it was off to Hogwarts where we were sorted!

Look at me, a proud Hufflepuff! I tried to answer both surveys (for your wand and for your house) as honestly as possible since the results of the surveys are permanent. I read about people who tried to rig the surveys to get put in the house they wanted, but ended up with different results that they couldn’t change. I’d rather be in the house I’m meant to be in than one I cheated my way into, you know? I guess that’s why I’m a Hufflepuff 🙂

It was so cool to read all the extra stuff from J.K. Rowling. The extent of her imagination is unfathomable to me! She has so much detail so far beyond what was actually included in the books and it’s fascinating to get a chance to hear more about the world of Harry Potter. Some of my favorite snippets of information were the initial meeting between James and Lily and Petunia and Vernon, Professor McGonagall’s story, and the Original Forty.

Naturally, I’ve already plowed my way through the first book in Pottermore, just like I did in real life. I’ve scoured the chapters over and over looking for items to put in my trunk (seriously, where IS that last chocolate frog card!?), I’ve been practicing my spells, brewing up potions (which reminds me I’ve got one brewing now I need to check on), and earning house points.

A lot of people are frustrated that not all the books are available for exploration immediately, but to me, that’s half the fun. Harry Potter became an integral part of my childhood since I literally grew up with the stories. The excitement of getting a new book, of reading it as fast and thoroughly as you can; the frustration at not having the next one to immediately begin reading; the anticipation and build up, the theorizing and speculation of what it will contain; re-reading all the other books to pass the time…

That’s what made Harry Potter so wonderful and I’m glad Pottermore will retain that aspect of it.


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3 Responses to Pottermore

  1. Jeyna Grace says:

    Since beta was open, we beta users dont log onto PM any longer, because…. it gets boring, especially waiting for the 2nd book. I think making the wait too long makes the excitement die down.

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