Can We Panic Now?

The majority of my close friends at school have their post-grad plans squared away. Whether it’s grad school, a year of service, or a real job, they can approach graduation with some idea of what they’ll be doing in the coming months.

Not me!

My roommate and I are both in the process of finding post-grad plans. We’ve both got some hopeful prospects, but nothing solidified quite yet. After months of sending resumes and cover letters out into the world to no avail we’re starting to feel the pressure.

Pressure mounts every time the following occurs:

  • You parents call
  • You go to any senior class event
  • You get an email regarding the g-word
  • Your parents send you an email reminding you to get to career services (as if you didn’t harass them enough already…)
  • You open your email account and don’t have any email from potential employers
  • You refresh your email account and pray while it loads
  • Your friends talk about any plans occurring after the g-word and you can’t rightly say if you’ll be able to participate because you have no idea where you’ll be or what you’ll be  doing.

Roommate and I spent the night last night eating fro-yo and not talking about the g-word or the j-word, but avoidance only works for so long….

(can you tell I’m having too much fun with these gifs?)


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