Digital Fortress

Despite being a little worn out by my last Dan Brown experience, I figured my reading experience wouldn’t be complete if I didn’t read the last of his best-sellers. So, before my weekend of travelling, I picked up a few books, Digital Fortress being one of them.

As usual, spoiler alert, go away if you don’t want to know, yada, yada, yada.

What I liked most about DF was the inescapable question it raised about privacy and national security. The story is about the NSA, an organization dedicated to breaking codes and intercepting potential threats. Naturally the NSA faces a lot of resistance by groups advocating for privacy. The reader is forced to form some opinions of their own. Would you mind if the NSA was snooping through your email? What should have to be sacrificed for national security, if anything? Who is right in this situation? Anyway, the unavoidable questions sparked a great discussion between Joey and I, I’ll spare you the details.

Aside from instigating debates between my boyfriend and I, I enjoyed other aspects of the book as well. In true Dan Brown style, the reader is left reeling after several shocking twists in the story. I had some reservations about Strathmore the whole time, I must say, but I never thought he would turn out to be as psychotic as he did. I really enjoyed Susan’s character, smart and beautiful, and definitely was drawn to the story of her and David. I read through the chapters concerning David ravenously, I was dying to know that he’d be okay and practically broke out in a sweat in the process.

The end of the story was brilliant. I loved how simple the code ended up being, that Tankato was simply giving them the answer the whole time: 3. As Susan put it, it was clean and neat, and I loved that about it.

If you enjoy Dan Brown’s break-neck pace of writing, DF is no exception. I read the whole book in two days.

What did anyone else think? Did the NSA have too much power? Did TRANSLTR deserve to be destroyed? Did Tankato and Hale have a point about who will guard the guards? So much to discuss with this one!


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2 Responses to Digital Fortress

  1. twindaddy says:

    Still haven’t gotten to any Dan Brown books yet as my list to read is pretty long already, but you’re reviews on his books have piqued my curiosity. I’ll definitely check them out at some point.

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