Thanks, Rehoboth

I seriously underestimated the therapeutic power of writing about the g-word. My last two posts (here and here) made me feel so much more at peace about graduation that I am ready at last, to write this one.

There are dozens of people who made my four years at college memorable and before I get to Rehoboth, some others need to be mentioned.

First and foremost is my dance team. To all the girls who I danced with from my freshman year to my senior year, to my coach, my assistant coaches, and our senior leadership team…all of you are incredible. I knew dance would be a part of my life in college before I even chose a school, but I could not have found a better group of women to dance with if I tried. I will remember dancing at football and basketball games, our “special” performances at Special Olympics, our ever-entertaining dance club pieces, early morning practices and Back Bay Bagels, running around the field house, “Womanizer” arms and practicing our nationals routines until we dropped (literally). So many of my favorite college memories are shared with my team and I am so thankful for that. A special thanks to my fellow graduating seniors: thank you girls, for sharing four amazing years with me. We accomplished so much this year, thank you for working so hard to make this year incredible. A thanks to my coaches: you both pushed us to dance at the level you knew we were capable of…thank you for being spectacular coaches and friends.

Next up is my family. To my  mom, dad, sister and extended family as well, thank you for offering advice, encouragement, and praise throughout my four years. It is enough simply to have made you all proud.

To my boyfriend: we did it! Getting through college with your high school sweetheart seems nigh impossible these days, but you made it easy.

Thank you for every late-night phone call, every text, every Skype date and every weekend visit. I could not have accomplished all that I did without you there cheering me on. I love you more than anything and am so proud of you!

To the class of 2012, I am honored to have graduated with a group of such wonderful people. Watching everyone walk across the stage at graduation was like re-living the last four years. I was reminded of classes, weekends, concerts, and dance recitals that we shared together. I can’t wait for our reunions so I can hear all about what good our class does for the world.

And now, Rehoboth. This year I had the distinct pleasure of sharing a house with 24 of my best friends. Some I had known since day of one freshman year, some I met only on move-in day last September, but all of them now have a place in my heart. We also had a few honorary residents who spent so much time in the house I include them in this group as well (you know who you are!).

It is not necessarily our house parties I will remember most. Nor any of the typical things you might think of when you think of college life. I will remember Saturday morning brunch when we had to drag half a dozen tables together to sit down. I will remember the knoll, Kan Jam, and polish horseshoes. I will remember the roof. I will remember the trophies and I’ll remember late night study sessions in the common room. I will miss being able to yell “WHO’S GOING TO LUNCH!?” and immediately having a friend to go to the commons with. I will miss having access to a dozen people who were not scared of spiders and able to take care of the ones I found on my ceiling. I will miss unintentional shower dates and bathroom serenades. Every time I hear “Call Me Maybe”, “We Are Young”, “Who Let the Dogs Out”, “Call Your Girlfriend”, “We Found Love” (cue the Toppi Dance) or “Fix You” on the radio, I will think of you.

I didn’t say goodbye to any of you the day we moved out. It wasn’t because I couldn’t, but because I truly do not believe that was goodbye. We have too many graduation parties to go to. We’ll plan days to go into Boston and meet up. And soon we’ll have each others’ weddings to go to (man, we’re old) and reunions…and no matter where in the world our careers take us we will always find our way back to each other.

There are friends you make during college that you are content to let pass fondly into memory. Maybe you’ll cross paths with them again, maybe you will not…but you guys aren’t like that. Thank you for making my senior year unfathomably amazing. If I could repeat the year again I would change nothing. 3/4 to Christmas. Inflatable pools. Dancing on tables (Budda). Mariachi’s, Owen’s and Brother Mike’s. Trivia. Dancing on the windowsill. Music. Hogwarts.

You guys are what I will miss most. Thank you for everything. I love you all.


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2 Responses to Thanks, Rehoboth

  1. Alley says:

    couldn’t have said it better!

  2. lemarke says:

    Congrats!!!!! you’re wonderful!

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