Zip Lines, Puppies, and Resumes

Joey and I had a very eventful weekend.

I was feeling bad that I’d have to spend a majority of this week working at the restaurant for Restaurant Week when it is Joey’s last week of freedom before beginning his grown-up job on the 11th. So, when my mom told me about Brownstone Park I had to check it out. This, I thought, is just the thing.

So, after getting home late Saturday night after my dinner shift, I texted Joey and made last-minute plans for the next day.

We spent half the day Sunday at Brownstone: zip-lining, going down water slides, cliff jumping, rock climbing, swimming, jumping on trampolines…the works! It was an exhausting and exhilarating day. Every activity you wanted to do, be it jumping off the platform onto “the blob” or using a zip line, required you to climb something like a cargo net or a rock wall. To get from the blob to the water trampoline you had to swim there. I found myself very grateful that everyone was required to wear life jackets at all times, not just because the water is 100 feet deep in places, but because it would just be too tiring to try to tread water all day.

My favorite part of Brownstone was the big racing zip line. Joey and I went down three times, each more exciting than the last. It was terrifying to stand up on the rocks and look down a sheer cliff, hundreds of feet with nothing in the way. We both got pretty daring on our third run and starting hanging upside down from the zip line as we whizzed along.

When we finally decided to leave, we drove through torrential rain all the way home. Perfect timing. But our day wasn’t over yet, no sir. Because the minute we got home, Joey’s parents called to say they were going to look at a puppy and did we want to come? YES.

Two hours later, we were packed into Joey’s family’s car with a new puppy on our laps. They named him Kemba, after Kemba Walker of UCONN basketball. We spent the rest of the day Sunday and all day Monday playing with Kemba. He’s knocked his head at least a hundred times because he likes to hide under tables then forgets how tall he is. He has no traction in the kitchen because of the wood floors so he’s always skidding around. He also has a preference for nooks and crannies and will curl up right in your lap if it’s warm and cozy. I know he’s not my puppy, but I love him so!

After all the fun, today brought a reality check. Two weeks since graduation and I’m living at home with no solid job prospects. Ew. I hate myself.

I’ve got a waitressing job for the time being so I can at least start paying some of my own bills, but it sucks to be a college grad without a job. I love cheering on my friends as they start their new careers, but I still can’t help but feel a little jealous and frustrated.

So, today, I sent out seven new applications. Seven resumes, seven cover letters. Keep your fingers crossed for me, friends.


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