Law of Attraction

Has this ever happened to you? You wake up with a song stuck in your head and are humming it all morning. You get in the car to go to work and what’s the first song on the radio? That song.

Or you’re thinking of a friend you haven’t spoken to and wondering how they’re doing and suddenly the phone rings and it’s them calling to say hi.

Or you’re thinking about how badly you want a hot dog and you arrive home to find your housemate pulling them out of the microwave (yeah that one’s actually based on a true story).

You probably call this a coincidence.

I call it the law of attraction.

You can believe whatever you like. Maybe it is just an insignificant coincidence and nothing more. Maybe you believe there are some wild cosmic forces at work here. Maybe, like me, you’re not quite sure what you believe, but you’ve seen this at work in your life before and like to think it’s pretty cool.

I read a blog post this weekend about the law of attraction here from my favorite Crunchy Betty. She issued a challenge to her readers which I happily accepted. Here’s how it works:

First, visualize something. Something trivial, something you have no real attachment to. An orange golf ball is a good one. A million dollars is not good. Don’t make it something you’re likely to run into, like if you’re a doctor don’t pick a stethoscope. I picked a blue balloon.

Next, imagine yourself stumbling across the item in your life. Visualize the item. Let yourself experience how you will feel when you’ve found it. Will this item into your life.

Last, let it go. Forget about it.

Now, keep an open mind. Don’t obsess over the item. It’ll come on its own, but you need to stay aware so you recognize it when it does. Maybe it’ll be straightforward and you will simply find that orange golf ball in your front lawn. But my blue balloon came to me in a different way. I was watching Dance Moms on Lifetime (yeah, it’s terrible, I know), and while one of the girls was performing I noticed the lyrics of her song…

My blue balloon…


Little matters like this support a larger belief of mine that I’ve found to be supremely true in my own life: the law of attraction. Your thoughts are powerful and they are attractive. If you are negative, miserable, and sulky, you attract misery, sadness and more misfortune. If you are positive, optimistic, and joyful, you attract happiness, good fortune, and kindness.

The other night, after writing that depressing post On Nice People, I went to bed with new resolve. Whenever I’m feeling down, writing about it spills it out of my head and I don’t worry about it any more. With my concerns and doubts out of my mind and onto my blog, I started to think more clearly and reassess. I was frustrated with my job hunt and missing my friends from college. I went to bed thinking: I’ll have a lead in the job search tomorrow. And I will make plans to see the girls.

Next morning, I got both my wishes before I even went to work. I got a phone call from a prospective employer and after a short interview, was asked to go meet her in person next week. That visit will bring me back to MA which means it’ll be a perfect time to visit all the girls. I shared the news with the girls who agreed dinner would be perfect after my meeting.

And that just reaffirmed what I already knew:

You are in charge of your life, choose to manifest happiness.


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One Response to Law of Attraction

  1. Renard Moreau says:

    [ Smiles ] This is an excellent post. Please keep up the good work!

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