I have been waiting a long time to write this blog post, and at last, I finally can.

I got a job!!!!

I’ll be at this beautiful dance shop near Boston. They’re taking me on as a full time employee with the promise of a “reevaluation” in 60 days at which time I’ll hopefully be promoted to a manager. I’m beyond excited. The store is lovely, the people are very nice, and I think I’ll be very good at the job. I’m a fast learner, very organized, and super friendly. They’re big on customer service so friendliness is a must!

This exciting news has brought with it a slew of other exciting things. 

1 – I need to find a place to live! I’m going to sublet for the two training months, so I’m wildly searching craigslist for viable options.

2 – I’ll get to be near my old dance team! I am going to be able to go see them perform at games and cheer them on, which will make me really happy. I told them they wouldn’t be able to be rid of me, and now it’s definitely true.

3 – There’s a fantastic dance group near Boston a lot of my friends are involved in that I really want to audition for called Danceworks Boston. Being in the city will make that an option for me!

So all in all, I am a very happy gal! It feels great to get the ball rolling on the next chapter of my life. I love my home town, and I don’t even mind my old summer job, but it all felt so boring after graduating from college. I was so ready to start something new that being back in my old routine was wickedly frustrating. 

In a couple weeks I’ll be setting off to the city and ready to start a new adventure! I’ll be near a lot of my old school friends, starting a new job, working in the dance world, dancing, and doing everything I love. 



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One Response to Employed

  1. Marisa Montinieri says:

    Simple words cannot describe how truly excited we are for you Mere. I knew it wasn’t going to be long before someone scooped you up…Congrats and if you need anything, remember Auntie M. is a call away. XO

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