Movin’ Out

As all my loyal readers know (hey Mom, hey Dad), today I officially moved out!

The whole ordeal didn’t seem that daunting. Yup, packing up the stuff. Yup, loading up the car. Yup, driving to MA. Yup, setting up the room. This was all like college.

After my parents drove down the street, I had the whole apartment to myself since my new roommates were both at work. I meandered around the place, finished unpacking, and broke in the shower.

Then, I was struck by how alone I was. The fact that there weren’t dozens of other college students moving in around me as well made me realize that this wasn’t just another move into a college dorm. This was a move into an apartment. And I have to go to work tomorrow, not class. I have to pay bills! I have to go grocery shopping! But most of all, this is my adventure. No one is here to hold my hand through this process. Yes, my parents and my family and my boyfriend are the best and have been supportive beyond belief (xoxoxo), but at the end of the day, I’m doing this myself.

Well, with a little help from my stuffed animals.

P.S. this is my 125th post! Woo!


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2 Responses to Movin’ Out

  1. It’s extremely rewarding to realize that you have fought your way up into the world of bills, employment, depression, money, and adulthood. It can be hell, or it can be paradise.

  2. Julie says:

    Proud of you babe.

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