Workin’ Gal Day 1 [and the worst commute ever]

I was killin’ it this morning.

I got up at 7, mapped out a new running route to accommodate my 5k training, completed said run, got home and showered by 8:15am. I got dressed, packed a lunch and a bag of Oreos for the ride home, and hit the road by 10 of nine.

My commute to work was flawless. just under 40 minutes, no traffic, and an easy ride to get used to. My mpg for the trip was 46 (a new record for me) and gas stations boasted prices of only $3.26/gal which is a great improvement over CT prices.

Work was great. Everyone I work with is super friendly and nice. My boss is the greatest and has a ton to teach me. I’m doing the best I can to absorb everything. I left the store at 5:05pm armed with three tank tops and two sweatshirts embroidered with the store logo.

It was all going so well.

I was prepared for the commute home to not go as well as the way there. It’d probably be an hour, I thought.

Little did I know there was a concert in Boston tonight: Dropkick Murphy’s.

And, I didn’t exactly account for pre-Fourth of July traveling.

Oh, and one of the main roads I take to get home was blocked off.

Add up those three lovely factors and that equals a THREE HOUR commute home. I can’t remember I was in the car for three hours straight. One and a half of those hours was spend crossing a bridge that couldn’t have been more than a quarter-mile long. Needless to say my mpg for the commute home was abysmal; only 18. That stop-and-go traffic will kill ya.

“hate, hate, hate, double hate, loathe entirely!” name that movie! anyone? anyone?

I arrived home where I hurriedly boiled a half pound of mac and cheese and three hot dogs to soothe my woes.

Everyone pray to the traffic gods that Thursday’s commute home will be more tolerable? Thanks.


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