The Womanizer Workout

Now that I’m living in an apartment with no gym access due to having the budget of a recent college grad, I’m constantly on the look out for exercises I can do with no equipment with very little space.

I’ve found some good stuff on Pinterest, but I still have an old favorite that I always come back to: The Womanizer Workout.

I was taught this exercise by a close friend during a break from school. She said her dance team did it all the time so I brought it back to my team in MA. It was an instant hit and we tried to do it at least once a week at practice. Really, there’s no excuse not to do this exercise every day. It takes 3 minutes and 44 seconds to do, requires no equipment, and you just need somewhere to sit (or stand) where you can extend your arms out to the side.

I feel obligated to put some disclaimer in here like I’m not a physical trainer or a doctor or anyone who really has the expertise to recommend a workout regimen. I just really like this workout and feel like sharing! Please exercise at your own risk, or whatever you’re supposed to put as a disclaimer.

I feel like this requires a little explanation.

Each set is meant to be done on the beat of the music (to Britney Spears’ Womanizer in case you haven’t noticed). So, “16 pulses” means one pulse on every beat of the music.

To start, extend your arms out to the side, palms down. You want to press down through your shoulders and extend all the way to your finger tips. Keep your arms straight and shoulders down. The pulses are pretty self-explanatory. 16 Pulses down, each beat of the music you press your arms down ever so slightly towards the floor keeping tension in your arms. Same for all the other “pulses”, with the direction indicating which way your palms should be facing. Same deal for the “circles,” one per count (so they’re little circles).

The “In & Outs” are a little different. On the first beat you position your arms like you’re doing the “touchdown” sign (arms out the  side, bent at the elbow to make 90 degree angles), but with your palms facing front. On the second beat, you bring your arms together so your palms and your elbows are touching in front of you. Each “In & Out” takes two beats, so 16 of them will take 32 beats (or 4 eights for you dancer-types like me).

For “elbow lifts” you simply maintain the “In” position from the “In & Outs” and pulse so you lift your elbows on each beat. Try to keep your upper arms parallel to the ground. Think of lifting your elbows so the stay above your chest and pulse just a little higher.

When you hold the elbow lift, you want to really focus on keeping your elbows lifted and pressing together.

Think you can do it three times in a row?

The first set you’ll be feeling great, but by the “circles” in the second set you should be feeling the burn. The third set your arms should be on fire.

If you do the workout right, it should end exactly at the same moment the song does! I find that so satisfying.

I’ve got another go-to, one-song, no-equipment workout I do for my abs, so maybe I’ll do a post on that one too! 🙂


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