Five Things I’ve Learned About Myself Since Living on My Own

Five Things I’ve Learned About Myself Since Living on My Own

1) I’m a neat freak.

I absolutely cannot leave the apartment if my bed is not made. I find unnatural joy in Swiffer-ing my floor and Lysol-ing my surfaces every Sunday. I enjoy putting away dishes and neatly lining up my shoes on the floor of my closet. I feel I’ve inherited this trait from a certain Aunt (you know who you are). The one thing I do not enjoy, however, is laundry. For whatever reason, this chore does not satisfy my yearnings for organization and cleanliness. I find washing, drying and folding nothing but irksome.

2) I can exist on a diet consisting entirely of Honey Bunches of Oats cereal, turkey sandwiches, and pasta.

Literally every single day I have Honey Bunches for breakfast, a turkey sandwich for lunch and some variation on pasta for dinner. This absolutely cannot be healthy. I spice things up with different snacks: celery, Oreos, strawberries, Oreos, bananas, Oreos, apples, Oreos, pretzels and sometimes Oreos…but the main meals of my day have remained unchanged for a solid month and a half. I wonder what this is doing to my digestive system and overall health? Nothing good, probably. I do take a vitamin every day…so there’s some nutrition at least.

3) I am the least patient person in the world when it comes to traffic.

I have absolutely no tolerance for: stop and go traffic, people who drive in the lane that isn’t backed up then try to cut into the lane that takes the exit at the last-minute, merging and gas prices (they’ve gone up forty cents since I’ve moved). In my month and a half of work I am already on the seventh Harry Potter audio book, having only listened to them on my commutes to and from work. The only place I spend more time than in my car, is in my bed. Seriously.

4) I can go a whole day without speaking, accidentally.

Yesterday, Sunday, I had a lot of odd and end things to get done. Laundry, cleaning, some work stuff, I wanted to do my nails, etc. Neither of my roommates were around so I had the place to myself for the day. When I picked up the phone to call my boyfriend at the end of the day, I realized I hadn’t uttered a single word the entire day, to anyone. How does that even happen?

5) I really, really, really miss my friends from school.

Not until I met up with a vast majority of them this weekend for one of their grad parties, did I realize just how much I missed their company. Love you, guys!


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2 Responses to Five Things I’ve Learned About Myself Since Living on My Own

  1. dad says:

    one: a diet of honey bunches, turkey and pasta is actually a pretty balanced diet. And generally pretty healthy. What about macaroni and cheese and hotdogs? hahaha….
    two: I think you got some of your neatness from mom…
    good write! kk

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