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The Day Whipped Cream Almost Made Me Cry

Mondays are long days. Not just because they’re Mondays, but because I run in the morning, work a full day at the store, then drive an hour to coach my college dance team and drive home. I pull into the … Continue reading

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How I Know I’m Growing Up

Despite my best efforts, it seems I’ve somehow become an adult. I’m not sure when or how this change occurred but I can tell you how I know it’s happened. 1. I am able to kill spiders. At the age of … Continue reading

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It Got Better!

First off, apologies for my absence from the blog-o-sphere. My life has consisted entirely of work lately as the store is busiest in September, and I just haven’t been able to find it in me to compose a thought-worthy blog … Continue reading

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I moved again. This time, I think it’ll be for a little longer that my last residence, which lasted a whopping two months! I’m now in a beautiful beach town north of Boston, much closer to work. The apartment is lovely. A … Continue reading

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