The Chocolate Bar

HA. Bet you all thought I was going to do a post about the elections…wrong-o!

Yes, I’m happy Obama won, but I’m more happy the election is over.

And, for that reason I’ll spare you all another political-theme post. Instead we’re going to talk about something MUCH better: chocolate.

My friend Shannon had the brilliant idea of making reservations at the Chocolate Bar in the Langham hotel for our friend’s birthday. These plans were made ages ago, before I moved home to CT so it was a great day trip to the city to see all my favorite ladies 🙂

In case you don’t know what a chocolate bar is, it’s exactly what it sounds like. An endless buffet of chocolate treats. Arrive with an empty stomach, leave in a sugar-induced food coma. Good thing I didn’t drive.

Plate #1 (clockwise from top): Chocolate covered strawberries (courtesy of the fondue fountain), a lemon truffle I ended up not liking (the only thing I didn’t like all day), triple chocolate truffle, mint white chocolate cheesecake, another chocolate truffle, whoopie pie, beignet, and a chocolate crème brûlée.

After devouring that goodness and getting food in my belly, it was time for a beverage (two were included in the buffet).

Enter: chocolate raspberry martini. A few sips of that and it was back up to the buffet…this girl was going strong!

Plate #2: another crème brûlée, different from the first one, but equally delicious. Chocolate crepe with strawberries. Chocolate covered pretzel (via the chocolate fountain again), and a s’more in a shot glass.

Plate #3: Another couple of strawberries and a pretzel, doused in chocolate. Popcorn and chips (salty & sweet, yum!), and a red velvet cupcake with chocolate frosting. To be fair, I didn’t manage to consume the cupcake, it was too much.

Plate #4: Oops. I got more popcorn, some beignets, and another chocolate covered pretzel but ate them all before remembering to take a picture. I also had a lovely mimosa which didn’t get any camera time.

At this point I was pretty much comatose.

And so, so happy.

Our server saw Laurie opening up birthday presents and took the liberty of bringing over a birthday treat for her!

The beautiful birthday girl!

If you have a sweet tooth the size of mars and won’t feel too guilty about the number of calories consumed in under two hours, I highly recommend the chocolate bar. Leave yourself some time to walk it off before getting in the car though. No DUIC: driving under the influence of chocolate.



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2 Responses to The Chocolate Bar

  1. Julie says:

    I believe you’re quoting the Grinch when you say, “Wrong-o”! This post is just plain decadent.

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