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I’m so Proud of…My Mom!

My mom is wonderful for more reasons than I could possibly hope to list in a lifetime of blog posts, let alone one. But today I finally got the chance to check out her new website for her business: Blue … Continue reading

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Five Things I’ve Learned About Myself Since Living on My Own

Five Things I’ve Learned About Myself Since Living on My Own 1) I’m a neat freak. I absolutely cannot leave the apartment if my bed is not made. I find unnatural joy in Swiffer-ing my floor and Lysol-ing my surfaces … Continue reading

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The Color Run

Let’s start off with a little tale. Once upon a time, there was a tall, gangly, awkward girl in the eighth grade. She hated running with a vehement passion. Every other year, since the second grade, she had been forced … Continue reading

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What is Beautiful

Did anyone else see the blog post in which anonymous blogger, Skinny Girl, bashes Kate Upton, calling her “thick”, “vulgar”, and a “squishy brick”? Yeah, Kate Upton. Kate Upton, Sports Illustrated Cover Model. Kate Upton, dougie extraordinaire. Kate Upton, every male’s fantasy. Before … Continue reading

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The Womanizer Workout

Now that I’m living in an apartment with no gym access due to having the budget of a recent college grad, I’m constantly on the look out for exercises I can do with no equipment with very little space. I’ve … Continue reading

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Law of Attraction

Has this ever happened to you? You wake up with a song stuck in your head and are humming it all morning. You get in the car to go to work and what’s the first song on the radio? That … Continue reading

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I managed to not get sick ALL YEAR. Yup, that’s right. Immune system of a champion right here. My roommate had a terrible virus that was highly contagious, the details of which are not suitable for public forum, which got … Continue reading

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