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The Commandments of Christmas Decorating

After the other day’s Grinchy post about all the worst things you can do when decorating for Christmas, I felt like I had to prove that there were things that I love about Christmas decorations too. As I said before, … Continue reading

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Guest Post: Ladder Lunacy

While I put the finishing touches on The Commandments of Christmas Decorating, I thought I’d keep you all entertained with a guest post from a very special person in my life…my dad! He’s the king of Christmas decorating, except for … Continue reading

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The Cardinal Sins of Christmas Decorating

Number one rule of the Christmas season is to wait until after Thanksgiving to go all out. I’m a firm believer in one holiday at a time and since Thanksgiving just happens to be my favorite holiday you must do it right … Continue reading

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Soggy Eggs

So, yesterday’s eggs were not a total failure after all. As predicted, the family found it hilarious that all the messages inside my lovely eggs were rather soggy. We also succeeded in getting glitter all over the tablecloth, such that … Continue reading

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Making White Cinder Blocks Work

As every college student knows, the white cinder block walls which make up most dorm rooms are atrocious. 1) It’s far too easy to hear what’s going on next door. 2) They do not insulate against the cold. Freshman year … Continue reading

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