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Photo Beast (aka My Sister)

This is gonna be short and sweet, folks. My sister recently set up her online portfolio of all her artistic works going all the way back to high school. She included a lot of stunning pieces from her time in Florence, … Continue reading

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I moved again. This time, I think it’ll be for a little longer that my last residence, which lasted a whopping two months! I’m now in a beautiful beach town north of Boston, much closer to work. The apartment is lovely. A … Continue reading

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100 Days [the photos!]

A huge thank you goes out to our friend Mike for taking these lovely pictures of us and preserving the memories from 100 Days! Now, as promised, some of my favorite pictures from the night! Also, did I mention I’ve … Continue reading

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Making White Cinder Blocks Work

As every college student knows, the white cinder block walls which make up most dorm rooms are atrocious. 1) It’s far too easy to hear what’s going on next door. 2) They do not insulate against the cold. Freshman year … Continue reading

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