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Larry, The Evil Ice-Coated Fridge

Katherine and I can be pretty weird on our own…but when you put us together for extended periods of time, things get downright strange. Case in point, our adventures in the defeat of Larry, the Evil Ice-Coated Fridge. Our fridge … Continue reading

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Fried Dough Fiasco

Dinner can be a pretty traumatic experience as a freshman at college. You’re just starting to get to know everyone so you always need to go to dinner with friends. No way are you risking meeting people there because that … Continue reading

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I apologize in advance. Usually my posts are on the happy, optimistic, and cheery side…but this one isn’t going to be. It might also turn into a bit of a rant. I blame it on the fact that a couple … Continue reading

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Honey, honey

I took a break today from watching March Madness and highlighting all the correct picks on my bracket for a little pampering. While stumbling, I came across this website and was inspired. I’ve always had sensitive skin and dry, frail … Continue reading

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Da Queen [for now…]

I have an obsession with Bejeweled. It started last year. I forget who started it or I’d blame them…it was probably Shannon. It started out innocently, a few games here and there. I wasn’t very good and didn’t understand how … Continue reading

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