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The Pulse

I’ve wanted to go to The Pulse for years, but it’s always been pretty far out of my college-kid budget. But, thanks to April, I was able to go to The Pulse in Boston this weekend! At the end of … Continue reading

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5, 6, 7, 8…I’m TRYING to Sleep!

Good news, everyone! I can talk again! Hooray! I sort of sound like I’ve been chain-smoking for fifty years, but it’s easier than trying to mime out everything I’m thinking. The past few days I’ve had to decide what thoughts … Continue reading

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Chicken Soup for the Throat

The whole being sick thing is really cramping my style. Luckily (or unluckily, really) it seems that all my friends have come down with some variation of sickness in the past few days. Alley has been coughing up her lungs, … Continue reading

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My Post-A-Week goal was going so well until this past week. I was posting once, twice, maybe three times a week! But inevitably, writer’s block set in. All the topic suggestions from WordPress didn’t entice me. My half-started posts in … Continue reading

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The Happy Book

What makes you happy? Easy question, right? If I won the lottery I’d be really happy. I’d pay for the entire team to go to Nationals, buy out my own parking space in du Lac for the rest of my … Continue reading

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Thanks from SCDT

Just a quick post on this lovely Valentine’s day! The team’s fundraiser performance on Thursday and Friday of last week was a huge success. We had great audiences both nights and were able to raise a lot of money towards … Continue reading

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The team has had a rough few weeks. It started with the ridiculous amount of snow that was dumped onto our campus over the course of two weeks. Apparently, the roof of our Sports Complex (affectionately called the SpoCo) wasn’t … Continue reading

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